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Why entrepreneurs cannot do without a business plan? – David JC Cutler gives the answer

David JC Cutler

Entrepreneurs are dreamers who normally toy with various business ideas. However, when they decide to give shape and structure to any of these ideas by converting them into a real business. they must first create a business plan.  The business plan is the starting point of any business. It provides the blueprint that helps to envisage how the business will take shape and how it will generate revenue, explains David JC Cutler. Although a business plan is similar to a building plan in some ways. The business plan is a dynamic piece of document because it keeps changing as the business evolves. It means might even have multiple business plans created at different times to match the changing business dynamics, David JC Cutler.

The benefits of having a business plan will become clear on going through this article.

Feasibility testing of your business idea

However, to test the water before venturing into any business, you need a business plan that reveals the picture. It saves entrepreneurs from the disappointment of engaging in futile activities in setting up a business that might flop. By studying the business plan, one can envisage whether the idea is tenable. It will also help refine the plan. To make it more practicable if there is any scope for it. The business plan saves money and the effort of entrepreneurs who can then make better use of their energy.

Increase the chances of business success

As a business plan includes all details about the business, from the financial objectives to the broad operational features and the smaller details such as marketing and budgeting, entrepreneurs. The process ensures a smooth start-up with fewer incidents of unforeseen problems. That will make it easy for the business to take off from the ground.  The budgeting and marketing activities help define the target market and the USP.

Facilitate funding

Most entrepreneurs depend on debt financing to start any new business. The business plan helps to convince lenders about putting their money in the right place. Regardless of the type of financing, from banks or financial institutions, angel investors, or equity financing, the business plan is the primary document to make the right moves. It allows investors to analyze the business prospects to decide about supporting it.  The business plan is effective for existing businesses too that need additional finances for expansion and growth.

Better business management

In this paragraph, as businesses progress, the business goals might keep changing, and the business plan needs appropriate alteration to capture the picture. Since business growth involves constant changes and improvement. It becomes necessary to develop multiple business plans to capture every possible scenario of growth and expansion. The business plan helps to review the business performance. And understand what worked and what did not.

To attract investors, you must have a solid business plan that explains the arithmetic of profitability in simple terms.

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