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What David JC Cutler Has to Say about Female Entrepreneurs

David JC Cutler

We are standing in a century where we talk about resolving gender bias and treat all the sexes equally. We have achieved it partially but still, we have to cover a long road before all these disparities dissolve. Take for example when women become successful businesswomen, many sneers at them saying that they have gained prominence because they have used their gender. But everyone knows the truth that only hard work and dedication can help a person to reach such a status. Renowned financial expert David JC Cutler believes that women are doing wonders in their chosen business field and thereby motivating a million others to follow their path. If you too cherish the desire to build your own business, then you should be aware of certain things you might have to face once you step into the business world.

Getting the initial funding

To start a business, you need funds. But collecting the fund can be quite challenging for a woman. You might have a very good business plan ready to show to the investors. Yet you might find that nobody is willing to provide you with the initial funds for your business. This is because of the way still women are looking upon by the ruling men of the world. They tend to judge the women folk based on the prevalent societal gender bias which shouldn’t be the yardstick to determine a person’s potential. 

You can be the only female figure

As women still need to explore this field of trade, there are hardly very few female figures for you to look up to. You have to get familiar with this fact as you might find yourself to be the only woman talking to all the male clients or investors. If you find yourself in such a situation, believe in yourself and your dream and let your confidence speak.

As David JC Cutler has rightly said that every successful entrepreneur should first know how to be a good boss

Whether it is a man or a woman, everyone who wants to run a successful business should first learn how to be a good boss. This is so because you will not be able to run a business single-handedly. For that, you would be hiring people to work under you. If you prove to be a good boss then you can easily make the employees listen to your business goals. And inspire them to work along with you to achieve them. Be sure to face criticism from your workers for being a woman. Whatever the circumstances maybe you have to be bold in your decision. From time to time you have to make them realize that you are the boss.  

Be prepared to face questions about your personal life

You will be judged on every step you decide to take in your professional as well as personal front. You are single or not, your marital status, if married then what about kids and then there’s the never-ending list. Smile and decide whether you want to answer any of these because you are not to.

Never back down

Whatever be the situation never back down and underestimate your value. People are there to prove that you are not worth it and you should try hard to prove them wrong instead.


Lastly, if possible, try to connect with a mentor because the emotional turmoil you would be going through can only be understood by a person. Who has already been in your place and has the experience of all that you are experiencing now. Her advice would be able to guide you in your endeavor.

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