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Stress Management of children and infants during the Covid-19 as proposed by David JC Cutler

David JC Cutler

What young kids think is often unnoticed and not much importance by many adults. However, children will be also be affected. And stressed by the happenings that are going on around them. Although infants cannot understand the world around them, changes in their routine can make them anxious. Young children also need a sense of safety from their caregivers or parents to reassure them. And help them stay calm David JC Cutler.

Even though very young children cannot express what makes them upset, they crave for somebody to listen to their issues. It is essential for you, as caregivers or parents, to pay very close attention to children’s behavior. Sleep problems, temper tantrums, increase in crying, clingy behaviors are a sign. That you need to take care of the child David JC Cutler.

Here are some vital tips that you can follow during the pandemic, if you are a parent or a caregiver, as suggested by David JC Cutler

According to experts, young children always look out for their parents to make them feel safe and comfortable. Some of the compelling paths you can use to take care of a stressed child during this time of the pandemic are

• You can reassure them that they will be safe. And you are there for them either by talking to them or through comforting movements like swing or rocking. Them if they are too young to understand your language.

• You can keep the home environment quiet by dimming the lights, turning down the TV volume, or playing soft music. It will help them relax, even if they are anxious about the external situation.

• You will be very calm when you are around a child who is stress. It will help if you understand that the problem behavior is because of stress. And not any other problematic sign of the child.

• You can help them maintain regular routines by assisting them in getting into good sleeping and eating schedules. While abrupt changes are unnecessary during these uncertain times, try to help them get into a disciplined life.

• You can limit their exposure to COVID-19 by limiting their TV time or keeping them away from adults’ discussions related to emotional or financial stress.

• You can help them understand the current situation by reassuring them. That many caregivers like doctors will take good care if they fall ill.

• If they are have been kept in isolation, away from somebody who has fallen sick in the house. You can make them understand that it is for the benefit of both and is a necessary and prudent step, says David JC Cutler.

• You may try to engage the child in any physical activity, as it will keep them busy and distracted.

Children will absorb whatever goes around them, and reassurance at this time of uncertainty is necessary to help them deal with the insecurity around them. As a parent or a caregiver, you can help them in these stressful times just by making an effort to listen to them and understand them.

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