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Know What David JC Cutler Has To Say about Building a Successful Startup

David JC Cutler

Many of us dream of starting a new business but few of us chase that dream and eventually do start a business. The initial days would be very exciting but as days progress you might face unprecedented problems that may lead you to think otherwise. Every problem has a solution but as a newbie, you might not be able to trace it out. Read this article to know about many tried and tested tricks to form a successful startup says, David JC Cutler

Look for solution

There are many things in our daily lives that we would have wanted to be done in some other convenient way. Try to look for solutions as it has been seen that many successful startups have been built trying to solve some kind of problem or the other. Once you think you have found a solution, put it to the test. See whether the idea is working or not. If it works, then surely you have the potential to start a startup.

Make a business plan

Once you are sure that your idea is going to work in the market, making a business plan ready should be the priority. At this moment you might not feel the need for it because it’s just in the form of an idea. But to give shape to that idea you would require a plan that would comprise of –

  • the people you are looking to hire
  • plan to arrange initial funds
  • gather contacts of the persons who you think might be able to help you out
  • attain the tools needed for the venture
  • ways to arrange for a place for the start-up

Once this is taken care of, you can move ahead without further dilemma.

David JC Cutler believes in building relationships to improve networking

The more you are connecting with people, the easier it becomes for you to give your business visibility. Building a successful business would always require good connections. But that shouldn’t be only a one-way relation. Any healthy connection is based on the give and take policy. So, also try to extend your helping hand where you think you would be able to come to their aid. It has been that sharing of idea have to strength many business relationships and this has borne fruits in the long run.

Arrange for funds

A sound plan is an important stepping stone for any startup. As David JC Cutler has pointed out once that the more convincing your plan looks. The easier it would be for you to arrange for funds. It will allow the funders to believe in your project. And also they would gain confidence in your capability for executing the plan.

People who would be willing to invest in your project would also like to know by when they can expect to get their money back. A plan that shows them how you are going to keep the ball rolling. To bring their money back will satisfy their query.

Hire the right people

To get all the work done you would need to hire people. Choose the right person to do the right job. Their expertise will help you to get the business start and running.


Once you start your own business, you will face many challenges that might demotivate you. But believe in your dream and move ahead. Determination and the right attitude will one day let you taste success. 

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