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How small businesses can dislodge the bigger players to become the king someday

David JC Cutler

Small businesses can play the role of disruptors as proven time and again. Some scrappy little startups unseat some more prominent players in the industry to confirm that the old order must change to make way for the new.  The writing on the wall is apparent because if you look at the churn rate of S&P published in early 2021, David JC Cutler. It should become clear enough that over the next decade. At least half a dozen US companies would lose their place to some newer companies, confirms David JC Cutler

However, do unicorns and startups grow strong enough to displace giant companies? These startups have the fire in the belly to perform on the big stage someday. And make a modest start with an elaborate plan to checkmate the opponent like in a chess game by making some far-reaching moves deliberately.

Therefore, let we now try to find out the moves of disruptors that turn small businesses into challengers to dislodge bigger companies that enjoyed many years of successful operations.

David JC Cutler focuses on changing the basis of competition

However, to dislodge the bigger players from the seat that they occupy for years,.Startups must be true to their reputation as disruptors by challenging the game’s rules. And innovating new ways to change the basic tenets of competition. Larger companies bank on their large-scale operations, experience. And access to technology that helps sell products at the lowest cost, which no other smaller company can ever emulate.  To change the order, startups must adjust the basis of competition. Also, play the game by some new rules to attract customers with some new kinds of benefits revolving around superior customer service. That is hard for the incumbent to encounter with its existing setup. Sooner, the set of new rules become the benchmark for judging the business that belongs to a category of its own and wins customers’ hearts.

Exploit taboos

However, the laid down procedures typical of each type of industry gradually turn into taboos that people start thinking of as sacrosanct. And they are intelligent enough to consider it a blind spot of the bigger businesses, making them vulnerable. Rethinking the business process and devising newer methods of providing service by using technology to speed up the processes considerably. And make things simple for customers can turn things on its head. As it happened with the advent of online lending. Traditional banks and financial institutions are now in the backseats.

Incredible simplification

However, the business processes of established companies are often lengthy. And complicated as it includes many elements and options that do not have any relevance to customers. Disruptors can offer simplistic and pragmatic solutions to customers that can solve most of the customers’ problems. The simplified processes allow disruptors to run lean organizations that help to provid.


 In conclusion, although the tasks are not easy, disruptors accomplish them with confidence. That bears testimony in the S&P 500 report.

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