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David JC Cutler Shares the Attendance Tracking Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Must Avoid

David JC Cutler

David JC Cutler, The majority of businesses, particularly startups, pay little to no consideration to the executive attendance system. Although there are many low-cost attendance tracking programs available, including time and attendance software, they make it an added undertaking with a high cost. They are unaware that failing to keep records of employee attendance results in significant losses due to squandered man-hours. That’s after they have suffered a loss that they begin to keep track of employee attendance.

If you’re in a similar situation, this article will explain how to prevent common employee attendance system errors.

Let’s have a glimpse at the mistakes to avoid, as per David JC Cutler

Having no particular policy

The foundation of most attendance monitoring management programs is a strong attendance policy. However, most businesses lack any attendance policy, whether it’s part of the employee handbook or a separate text. A good policy should also include the overall number of hours worked by employees, as well as their lunchtime, in and out times, and the number of days off they could take in a month, among other items. It should also have a stringent protocol in place for requesting last-minute absences. You can ask your HR department or the higher management to come up with strict and reasonable attendance policies.

Not implementing the policy effectively

What is the point of a strategy if it isn’t implemented? On paper, there are just terms. If you’ve worked hard to develop an attendance policy for your company, make sure it’s followed by all employees. Make sure, however, that neither you nor your boss is lenient with any employee. You can’t, for example, allow someone to arrive late three times in a row when writing someone else a warning letter for arriving late repeatedly.

Missing out on attendance recording system

In order to assure that you have all the data related to the attendance of your employees, you must have an efficient system. With the integrated system, you will be able to see not only the precise attendance record but also the login hours of your employees and how many breaks they have taken during the working hours. You can ask the companies to integrate such systems within your company’s network. And the updated record will be delivered to you directly. According to David JC Cutler, it is essential to have track of the employees’ activities in order to maintain productivity.


If you’re a small company or a large corporation, keeping track of your workers’ attendance is critical to avoid losing money due to squandered man-hours through absenteeism. Consider taking the help of time and attendance software companies, offering such attendance software to make it much easier.

You can look for the best attendance tracking system that can integrate your work infrastructure and help you track the attendance of your employees effectively. Make sure to look for the company offering such integration online, who can help you streamline the entire system. Always try to incorporate this advice if you want your business to thrive and be productive as an entrepreneur.

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