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David JC Cutler Explains the Importance of Giving Attention to Mental Well-being During COVID-19

David JC Cutler

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is said to have been harmed mental health. It’s also crucial to figure out which conditions influence. The stress response to the pandemic—previously identified. By the sense of coherence (SOC) as a critical resistance factor David JC Cutler.

The public has been told about the physical consequences of Covid-19 infection around. The world and precautions to take to avoid exposure to the coronavirus and treat COVID19 symptoms if they occur. The effects of the pandemic on one’s mental health. And care of the COVID19 outbreak, there is no question about its effect on one’s mental health or approaches to prevent stigmatization.

Tips to MaintainHealth and Well-being During COVID-19, By David JC Cutler

A few tips focused on real-life experiences experienced in the last few weeks. To help you maintain healthy physical and mental health through this trying period.

  • During the day, take brief active breaks—short bursts of physical activity supplement regular physical activity guidelines. You may use the workouts mentioned below as motivation to stay healthy every day. Other ways to remain busy at home include dancing, playing games. And doing household tasks, including cleaning and planting.
  • Changes to your usual social and professional atmosphere will trigger. The profound sense of alienation regardless of your lifestyle. Why not join a couple of groups on social media to share topics. Consider doing daily video conferences with your coworkers, acquaintances. And family: conversing face to face or through a tablet, helps preserve social links.
  • A healthy immune system protects you from seasonal ailments as well as other diseases like cancer. Although nothing beats washing your hands with soap and water, some foods will help improve your immune system. Vitamin C is abundant in citrus fruits, strawberries. And red bell peppers, promoting the production of antibodies that shield you against infection. Another critical component of a healthy immune system is protein. Lean foods, beef, dairy, and fish are also good sources of protein.

Attention to Mental Well-being During COVID-19

  • The goal is to set goals for yourself and assign unique time slots to each mission. Review your accomplishments at the end of the day and make plans for the next day. Of necessity, knowing how long an assignment will take in advance is not always feasible. If you haven’t fulfilled any of your targets, be kind to yourself. And change your priorities for the next few days, says David JC Cutler
  • You should stay quiet by meditating and taking deep breaths. Stand up as much as possible to cut down on your sedentary hours. Ideally, after 30 minutes, disrupting the sitting and reclining time.


If you’ve followed our advice so far, your days should be well-organized, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Should all be at the same time each day of the week? You should eat light meals, mainly if you cannot exercise as usual due to the lockdown.

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